Job Vacancy

Training Specialist III

(1)Training Specialist III
    • Place of Assignment: Central Office
    • Education    : Bachelor's Degree
    • Experience  : 2 yr of relevant experience;
    • Training       : 4 hrs of relevant training;
    • Eligibility      : Career Service (Professional) Second Level Eligibility
    • Salary Grade : 18 (₱40,367)
Duties and Responsibilities:
      • Assist in planning, supervising and coordinating the activities of the agency.
      • Assist in the preparation, installation and maintenance of training programs under the agency;
      • Assist in the preparation of training course syllabus, gathering of training materials, and other devices;
      • Conducts training needs;
      • Assist in the determination of priorities and allocation of trainees for different learning needs;
      • Assist in the maintenance and keeping of records;
      • Assist in the drafting of training program reports;
      • Performs such other duties that may be assigned by the Chief of the Division Head of the agency.
      • Photocopy of the following documents are to be submitted together with the duly completed application form: 1) Transcript of records; 2) Diploma; 3) Certificate of Eligibility.
      • Previous applicants must submit a Letter of Intent and updated requirements. Deadline for submission is on or before OCTOBER 11, 2019.
      • NMIS personnel who are next in rank to the vacant position need not to apply. However, the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) shall be updated and submitted to HRMO
    • Application form and documentary requirements must be mailed to THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OFFICER, NATIONAL MEAT INSPECTION SERVICE, #4 VISAYAS AVENUE, BARANGAY VASRA, QUEZON CITY 1128. Qualified applicants shall be notified by e-mail/SMS.