Job Vacancy

Meat Inspector III

(21)Meat Inspector III – SG 11 [Code - MI3]
    • Place of Assignment: Central Office and Regional Technical Operation Centers
    • Education    : Completion of two years studies in college
    • Experience  : 2 yr of relevant experience;
    • Training        : 8 hrs of relevant training;
    • Eligibility      : Career Service (Sub professional) First Level Eligibility
Duties and Responsibilities:
      • Responsible for the conduct of ant-mortem inspection of all food animals for fitness for slaughter.
      • Responsible for the conduct of post-mortem inspection of carcass, head and viscera during the slaughter for fitness for human consumption.
      • Responsible for the identification, such as animals are properly identified, secured and isolated in an isolation pen.
      • Ensure that management maintains the identity of food animals from the holding pen to slaughter until it finished products (Carcass, viscera and blood).
      • Responsible for the inspection of meat for further processing into various types of meat products.
      • Supervise the proper disposal of condemned materials.
      • Responsible for the inspection of meat loaded into delivery vans for transport and sealing of delivery vans.
      • Report immediately to his/her supervisor any disease incidence that may occur during inspection.
      • Verify the pre-operational hygiene and sanitation implementation of meat establishments with appropriate recording of observations in the official NMIS Form.
      • Responsible for the inspection and evaluation of delivery vans and incoming carcasses, returned meat or for reprocessing.
      • Certify the fitness of meat with issuance of Meat Inspection Certificate (MIC) for inter-provincial transport or export.
      • Perform other related duties as may be required from time to time.
      • Photocopy of the following documents are to be submitted together with the duly completed application form: 1) Transcript of records; 2) Diploma; 3) Certificate of Eligibility.
      • Previous applicants must submit a Letter of Intent and updated requirements. Deadline for submission is on or before OCTOBER 11, 2019.
      • NMIS personnel who are next in rank to the vacant position need not to apply. However, the Personal Data shall be updated and submitted to Personnel Officer
    • Application form and documentary requirements must be mailed to THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OFFICER, NATIONAL MEAT INSPECTION SERVICE, #4 VISAYAS AVENUE, BARANGAY VASRA, QUEZON CITY 1128, citing Reference Code. Qualified applicants shall be notified by e-mail/SMS.

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Download this file (application form vacancy (as of 2017).pdf)application form vacancy (as of 2017).pdf[ ]129 Kb
Download this file (Personal Data Sheet (PDS)(1).xls)Personal Data Sheet (PDS)(1).xls[for existing NMIS personnel only]201 Kb