MC No. 03-2017-003 (Procedures on the Issuance of the Official Meat Inspection Certificate)

MC No. 03-2017-004 (Registration of Meat Exporters)

MC No. 03-2017-005 (Transfer of Shipment of Importer Meat to Another DA Accredited Cold Storage Warehouse)

MC No. 05-2017-009 (NMIS Surveillance Program for Imported Meat)

MC No. 10-2017-016 (Label on Packaging of Imported Meat)

MC No. 10-2017-018 (Strict Implementation of the Procedures for Renewal ofAccreditation of Meat Importers)

MC No. 12-2017-021 (Procedures for the Correction of Released Meat Importer's Certificate of Accreditation)

MC No 08-2017-013
Implementing Rules and regulation on the Licensing of Meat Establishments (Slaughterhouse, Poultry Dressing Plant, Meat Cutting Plants, Meat Distribution Center or Depot) with National and International Distribution

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