Notice to the Public


The NMIS is calling local chief executives to alert all provincial/city/municipal veterinary offices to implement the following precautionary measures to mitigate the possible entry of undocumented meat into meat markets:

1. Intensify the monitoring of the presence of frozen meat in meat markets:
2. Ensure that proper and complete inspection documents accompany the frozen meat, such as:
a. Meat and Meat Product Inspection Certificate for domestically produced meat;
b. Certificate of Meat Inspection for imported meat.
3. Following the Department of Agriculture (DA) Administrative Order No. 6, Series of 2012, monitor the implementation of the provisions that all frozen meat, whether imported or domestically produced, must be kept and/or displayed in temperature-controlled environment to deter thawing.

If there is any breach in meat safety guidelines and procedures, we request institution of regulatory action against the perpetrator(s) and such findings and actions be reported immediately to the NMIS at telephone no. (02) 924-3118 or call or text at (0917) 836-7009.

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