Notice to the Public


The NMIS requested local chief executives to alert all provincial/city/municipal veterinary offices to implement stringent monitoring measures to mitigate the possible entry of undocumented meat into meat markets.

The public needs to be vigilant in the purchase of properly documented and inspected frozen meat in meat markets. The following should be observed:

1. Look for Meat Inspection Certificates issued by the NMIS or by the local meat inspector;
2. Buy meat according to its properties. Frozen meat must be kept frozen and newly slaughtered meat must not show signs of decomposition.
3. When in doubt of the meat's safety, please call the attention of the Manager of the Supermarket or Market Master of Wet Markets so they can trace the origins of the meat.

Reports to the Local Veterinary Office or NMIS are welcome. Call NMIS at telephone no. (02) 924-3118 or text at (0917) 836-7009.