Notice to the Public

To : The Managers of Supermarkets/Groceries and other Retail Meat Outlets for Meat and Meat Products

From : The Executive Director

Date : August 27, 2014

Subject : Selling of Unauthorized Meat and Meat Products


Reports from media indicate that meat and meat products which are not authorized to be sold are found in retail outlets.

Please be informed that the sale of meat and meat products are covered by the following laws:

  1. Republic Act No. 9296, otherwise known as the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines, sets the standards for meat and meat products which can be sold to markets, supermarkets and other retail outlets. It provides that all meat and meat products sold for retail must have been inspected by the NMIS or by the concerned Local Government Unit.

  2. Section 56 of Republic Act No. 10536, an Act amending RA 9296, provides for the penalties for the sale of unauthorized meat and meat products in consumer outlets.

  3. Section 14(a), Article V of Republic Act 10611 or the Food Safety Act of 2013, states the responsibilities of food operators:

      “Food business operators shall be knowledgeable of the specific requirements of food law relevant to their activities in the food supply chain and the procedures adopted by relevant government agencies that implement the law.”

In view of the foregoing, the NMIS is asking the cooperation of all retail outlets not to accept, and/or to withdraw from shelves, all meat and meat products for sale to the public that are without the accompanying proper and complete inspection documents, to wit:

  1. Meat and Meat Product Inspection Certificate (MMPIC) for domestically produced meat;

  2. Certificate of Meat Inspection (COMI) for imported meat.

Further, you are advised to coordinate with NMIS if you have any doubt relative to the legality of the meats that you sell. Please inform NMIS any such case of fraudulent delivery and actions taken immediately at telephone no. (02) 924-3118 or call or text at (0917) 836-7009.