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Party List reacts on meat exports drop in 2011
The Manila Bulletin
March 13, 2012

The chairman of a party-list said there is no truth to the claim of the United States that the drop in their frozen meat exports in 2011 to the Philippines was due to the implementation of Administrative Order No. 22 by the Department of Agriculture.

Abono Party-list chairman Rosendo So said that while it is true that AO 22 entitled Rules and Regulation in the Handling of Frozen and Chilled Meat and Meat Products in the Markets was issued in December 2010, the National Meat Inspection Service of the DA implemented it only in December of 2011. So said that one of the reasons for low meat exports by US meat traders is that, the price of corn has triple since 2009 to mid 2011 from P 6 per kilogram to 18 per kilogram. He also said that the use of corn for bio fuel in the US put pressure on corn supply that lead to the increase in the price of corn. The increased production cost in the US caused the increase in the price of meat making their produce uncompetitive in the Philippine market. So said that the price of pork in 2009 was about $1 per kilo as compared to its present price of $2.10 per kilo. He said that the price of meat in the Philippine meat market was relatively stable and the local producers were able to complete with US meat in terms of price. So has been saying that the undue competition the local producers have been experiencing was due to misdeclarations and undervaluation being done by meat traders. He said that the dumping of US meat to the Philippines must stop. He also said that AO 22 deals primarily with the handling of frozen meat products whether they are imported or local.