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DA Implements the DA Trade System: Electronic Request of Inspection

DA Secretary Prospero J. Alcala signed Memorandum Circular No. 01 Series of 2015 MC-01-2015 dated January 9, 2015 to implement the DA Trade System: Electronic Request for Inspection (eRFI). Upon presentation to stakeholders in a series of consultations, reorientation and training workshops, the eRFI was accepted by the DA border agencies, quarantine officers and importers/brokers. It was seen to cut the errors in the transmittal of information/reports emanating from inspection conducted at the ports.

The eRFI is the electronic encoding, filing and lodging of Request of Inspection by importers and their authorized customs brokers from the ports cold storage facilities (CSWs). It transmits as e-RFI Bureau of Customs (BOC)-processed Import Entry Declaration data and e-SPS Clearance data..

Initially, the DA Trade System: eRFI will be piloted by the DA Border Agencies from January to March 2015. Full implementation will commence in April 2015.

There are three protocols for imports of agricultural produce and products to the Philippines. The first is the pre-border assessment of documents by the Bureau of Customs. If all documents are in order, the shipment undergoes the 2nd protocol that is the inspection at the port by the concerned DA quarantine agency; BAI for livestock and meat and poultry, the BPI for plants, and the BFAR for fishery and aquatic imports. The shipment is opened to check the correctness of the goods and compared to the information in the import declaration and whether the shipment is contaminated or not. If everything is in order, the concerned DA quarantine agency locks the container van, and goods are transported to the DA storage facility and are subject to a thorough inspection by the Agricultural Compliance Officer. At the CSW, the NMIS checks for the safety of the imported meat and meat products.