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NMIS Conducts Public Consultations, Invites Comments on on 9 Draft Guidelines and Regulations

May 2015. In three public consultations during this month, the NMIS presented to stakeholders (9) draft guidelines and regulations which will serve as part of the legal framework of the agency. The proposed administrative laws will strengthen the implementation of Republic Act No. 9296 or “The Meat Safety Code of the Philippines”, as amended by R.A. 10536. The public consultations, which were held in Davao City, Cebu City and Quezon City, were attended by enthusiastic and vocal stakeholders from livestock, poultry and meat industries, and partners from the national agencies and local government units.

The reactions, comments and suggestions gathered during the public consultations will be incorporated in the draft guidelines Draft Guidelines and Regulations, copies of which can be downloaded by clicking the attachments. The NMIS is inviting stakeholders who were unable to attend the various public consultations to submit comments until June 10, 2015. In line with this, comments are invited from Stakeholders until june 10, 2015. send your comment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Draft Guidelines and Regulations are as follows:

      1. Amendment to NMIS Citizen’s Charter;
      2. Guidelines on the Acceptance of Grants and Donations to the NMIS;
      3. Regulations for the Use of NMIS “Inspected and Passed” Logo and
          Other Maerks of Inspection;
      4. Regulations and Labeling of Fresh Meats;
      5. NMIS Guidelines on Procedure on Enforcement of Task Force Bantay “Hot Meat”;
      6. Procedures on Availment of Grant under the Meat Establishment Improvement
          Program (MEIP) by the Local Government Units;
      7. Rules of Procedures in the Adjudication of Cases involving Administrative
          Implementation of the Amended Meat Inspection Code and Other Related Laws;
      8. Regulations on the Establishment of Ostrich Meat Establishment and Humane
          and Hygienic Slaughtering of Ostrich for Food; and
      9. Regulations of Accreditation of Meat Transport Vehicle (MTV) and Handling of
          Meat and Products during Distribution.