Press Releases

SPJA Confirms Meat Inspection Board (MIB) Secretary

May 14, 2015. Secretary Proceso J. Alcala signed Special Order (S.O.) No. 485, Series of 2015, designating OIC Deputy Executive Director Beata O. Obsioma as the Secretary to the MIB. Secretary Alcala is the Chairman of the NMIS Meat Inspection Board. The S.O. confirms MIB Resolution No. 01, series of 2015 which was signed last April 14, 2015 by the members of the Board.

Also included in the S.O. is the designation of the Secretariat composed of Dr. Easter F. Oblena, Ma. Theresa P. Wenceslao and Ma. Kristina N. del Rosario..

The MIB was created under R.A. 9296 “to assist in the formulation of policies and guidelines and advise the chairperson on all matter pertaining to meat inspection and meat hygiene.” It is composed of the following::

Chairperson   - Secretary of the Department of Agriculture;
Members        - Executive Director of the National Meat Inspection Service;
                        - Director of the Bureau of Animal Industry;
                        - Director General of the Food and Drug Administration;
                        - Director of the Bureau of Local Government Development;
                        - Director of the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries                           Standards; and;
                        - Representative from a consumer organization duly                           recommended by the National Consumer Affairs Council.