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P-NOY Appoints 16 Directors II in NMIS

May 2015. President Benigno S. Aquino acted on the recommendations of Secretary Proceso J. Alcala and appointed the ten (10) Acting Directors II in the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) following the earlier appointments of four (4) Directors II and two (2) other Acting Directors II. Except for Atty. Beata Humilda O. Obsioma, OIC Deputy Executive Director, all the other 15 appointees are in non-location plantilla positions as Regional Technical Director (RTD) of NMIS Regional Technical Operations Center (RTOC). All the appointees have taken their oath before DA Secretary Alcala.

From the position of Director I, the newly appointed Director II and their current places of assignments are the following:

              1. Dario Bonifacio Canillas         - RTD, RTOC XI
              2. Arturo S. de Jesus                   - RTD, RTOC X
              3. Josefina M. Rico                      - RTD, RTOC X
              4. Kennedy S. Sunico                  - RTD, RTOC VII

The Acting Directors II and their assigned positions are as follows

              5. Desidero B. Julaton                  - RTD, RTOC CARAGA
              6. Angelita E. Barcelona               - RTD,RTOC IX
              7. Ronnie Ernst A. Duque             - RTD, RTOC IV-B
              8. Lilia Juliana P. Fermin              - RTD, RTOC II
              9. Myrna I. Habacon                      - RTD, RTOC XII
             10. Fernando N. Lontoc                 - RTD, RTOC V
             11. Eduardo R. Oblena                  - RTD, RTOC I
             12. Orlando C. Ongsotto                - RTD, RTOC VII
             13. Mildred A. Saligan                   - RTD, RTOC IV-A
             14. Marvin A. Vicente                    - RTD, RTOC NCR
             15. Maria Ancilla S. Zartiga           - RTD , RTOC VI
             16. Beata O. Obsioma                   - RTD, OIC Office of the Deputy Executive Director


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