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NMIS 2nd Consultative Conference 2015: Preparation for Transitions

July 2015. The NMIS had its 2ND Quarter Consultative Conference (CONCON) for 2015 last July 15-17, 2015 at Subic Bay Travelers Hotel, Subic, Zambales. The main agenda of the CONCON was to plan for the transitions required by the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of its two enabling laws, the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines as amended (RA 10536 which amended RA 9296) and the Food Safety Act (FSA) or RA 10611. Under the transitory provisions of the FSA, the NMIS shall undertake the following within 24 months upon the effectivity of the IRR of the FSA, which is May 2017:

“Rule 39.3c. The functions, duties and responsibilities pertaining to one FSRA but is presently being performed by another FSRA pursuant to previous formal agreements or issuances shall be continuously performed by the latter until the same are transferred to the concerned FSRA.

Rule 39.3d. The transfer and absorption of the functions, duties and responsibilities belonging to the former shall be in accordance with the transition plan to be finalized and approved during the first Board meeting and implemented within 24 months from the effectivity of this IRR. Notwithstanding, the transfer and absorption of the functions, duties and responsibilities shall take effect immediately after 24 months from the effectivity of this IRR.

Rule 39.3e. The transition plan shall include, among others:
      i. The efficient transfer of all processed and pre-packaged food applications (product registration and license of establishments) and consumer complaints with the Consumer Arbitration Officer of the Department of Agriculture on processed and pre-packaged food, together with all the required documents, records and relevant information to the DOH-FDA;”

*FSRA- Food Safety Regulatory Agency

The Amended IRR of RA 9296 includes, among others, provision for administrative, civil and criminal liabilities for violations thereof and corresponding expansion of the NMIS organization to take into account the Legal and Adjudication Services which would undertake these additional functions and responsibilities.

The NMIS has hired an Organization Development Consultant to prepare, in consultation with the members of the CONCON, the reorganization of the NMIS after the full implementation of the Rationalization Plan.