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NMIS offers MSCW as Thanksgiving Day

“Today is a thanksgiving day for the NMIS” Executive Director Minda S. Manantan said during the opening ceremony of the annual Meat Safety Consciousness Week held yesterday at the NMIS Salvador Escudero Hall. She also thanked all those who have worked hard to make the MSCW a successful one. “Let us remember the way we were back when the NMIS was a struggling agency and be thankful for the chance to serve not only the bigger society but most so, the meat consumers,” Manantan added.

Manantan also reminded the NMIS employees to put first things first and offer more of themselves to help make the NMIS, the Department of Agriculture and the country move forward into the progressive status that it deserves.

Manantan also mentioned that this year, the NMIS starts to set the direction wherein NMIS puts in place the provisions of the recently passed law, R.A. 10536 or which amends the Meat Inspection Code of 2004. Under the new law, NMIS will establish the appropriate organizational structure to carry out its functions to enable its human resource to cope with the rapid change in society’s needs, making it relevant to the livestock and meat industries and to the consuming public.

Meat Safety Consciousness Week is observed every third week of October every year by virtue of Proclamation No. 276 issued in 1993 by President Fidel V. Ramos while the NMIS was created in 1972 through Presidential Decree No. 7 signed by President Ferdinand Marcos. This year’s MSCW and NMIS founding anniversary is observed on October 19-23. Roberta L. Riguer

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