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NMIS Bats for Establishing a Food Safety Institute

“We are now looking at establishing a Food Safety Institute (FSI) in Lipa City which eventually will host training activities aligned with that of the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS)”, disclosed by DA OIC Assistant Secretary for Regulations and concurrent Executive Director of NMIS, Dr. Minda S. Manantan, during the Meat Standards Development Consumer Protection Division (MSDCPD)’s levelling workshop in the first month of the year. She pointed out that Food Safety Institute is a dream of NMIS and hopefully the next administration will see the realization of this dream. The NMIS – Planning, Information, Monitoring Division (PIMD) was tasked to take charge of preparing the project proposal.

Following the Food Safety Act which aims to protect consumer health and facilitate market access of local foods and food products especially fresh or primary, the FSI aims at enhancing the technical capability of NMIS trainors, NMIS and LGU Meat Control Officers, Food Safety Officers/Meat Inspectors and other technical personnel, NMIS Hazard Analysis on Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Auditors, food business operators and their agents. It shall further provide laboratory services and shall serve as the National Reference Laboratory for all fresh or unprocessed meat.

Dr. Manantan further revealed that after NMIS has completed the construction of the administrative or laboratory buildings in the regions, it is now moving forward into a position where a training facility shall arise for both NMIS and LGU meat inspectors. The facility will eventually cover the training needs of all Food Safety Regulatory Officers according to the commodities. Under the Food Safety Act, the DA is departing already from commodity based regulatory system and is going into functional approach. She further stressed that Food Safety Regulatory Officers must have a basic knowledge on regulating all food commodities. SHIELA B. ENDRINA - Information Officer II