Press Releases

NMIS Conducts Levelling Workshop for Training, Enforcement, and Consumer Protection Programs 

In the first month of the year, the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) conducted Levelling Workshop for Training, Enforcement, and Consumer Protection Programs under the leadership of the Meat Standards Development Consumer Protection Division (MSDCPD). This was held at Training Room 1, 3rd Floor, NMIS-MITDC Building. The levelling workshop aimed at improving the MSDCPD Programs and the participants’ capacity to ensure that only safe meat, from farm to fork, will be made available to consumers.

One important activity undertaken during the levelling was the conduct of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis of NMIS’ System of Operation. The workshop output was presented to DA OIC Assistant Secretary for Regulations and concurrent Executive Director of NMIS, Dr. Minda S. Manantan.

Among the identified weak points during the SWOT Analysis was the need to improve the Basic Meat Inspection Training Course (BMITC), a training required for all meat inspectors in the country before they can perform meat inspection. In addressing this weakness, Dr. Manantan pointed out that “We need to determine how BMITC improves the efficiency of the meat inspector’s performance of duty. BMITC participants must have the potential to absorb the knowledge and skills they learned during the training. The participants must also eventually proceed into an Advance Meat Inspection Training Course”.

Dr. Manantan also addressed the problem concerning the availability of vehicles during training by saying that: “We will reiterate in our next Management Committee Meeting (ManCoM) our appeal to our Regional Technical Directors (RTDs) to allow the use of regional vehicles including those assigned for the use of RTDs, when there is a need for it.” She added that NMIS is again coming up with a proposal to increase the number of vehicles particularly at the regions starting 2017.

In the levelling workshop, Dr. Manantan told the Training Team that the capacity building for all NMIS Personnel from the RTDs, key officers, and to the rank-and-file must continue so that NMIS can effectively deliver its solemn duty of protecting public health through efficient and effective meat inspection service and by adopting or implementing new technologies to assure food safety. SHIELA B. ENDRINA - Information Officer II