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NMIS Heightens Post Market Surveillance

With the success of “Oplan Pasko Na Naman 2015”, DA OIC Assistant Secretary for Regulations and concurrent Executive Director of NMIS, Dr. Minda S. Manantan, directed the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), particularly the Enforcement Team of the Meat Standards Development Consumer Protection Division (MSDCPD), to continue its nationwide post market surveillance, as required by the Department of Agriculture (DA) Administrative Order (AO) No. 20 series of 2010 (Guidelines on Post Meat Establishment Control).

A.O. No. 20 s. of 2010 provided for the creation of an enforcement team known as “Task Force Bantay Karne” both for national and local governments, which is headed by a licensed veterinarian. Consequently, members of the NMIS’ Task Force (TF) were designated by the NMIS Executive Director, while members of the local TF were designated by the Local Chief Executive.

“Oplan Pasko Na Naman 2015” was launched last Christmas season for NMIS to intensify the implementation of RA 9296 as amended by RA 10536 (The Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines) due to unscrupulous traders’ taking advantage of the hurried buyers to make quick profits by resorting to shortcuts wherein they did not anymore comply with the regulations. In this case, NMIS stands between the abusive traders or vendors and the meat consuming public to ensure meat safety. The NMIS task force was able to confiscate 2,304.76 kilos of hot meat and illegally handled meat in 2015.

The NMIS Task Force has continued to conduct surveillance monitoring in meat markets in order to curb down the rampant selling of hot meat, meat and meat products sourced from unaccredited or unregistered meat establishments and unaccredited or banned countries in various meat markets and other meat channels by unscrupulous vendors, traders, importers, consolidators, indentors, and technical smugglers.

The authority of the Task Force is further strengthened by the DA’s twin Administrative Order Nos. 5 (Guidelines on Hygienic Handling of Newly Slaughtered Meat in the Markets) and 6 (Guidelines on Hygienic Handling of Chilled, Thawed and Frozen Meat in Meat Markets), series of 2012.

Corollary, Dr. Manantan instructed the NMIS - Meat Standards Development Consumer Protection Division’s Enforcement Team to improve the mechanism, or Term of Reference (TOR), on the scope of its authorities by defining the specific role of each members of the task force. SHIELA B. ENDRINA - Information Officer II