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NMIS head retires from post 

After forty one years, Dr. Minda S. Manantan the Executive Director National Meat Inspection Service, bids goodbye to public service. In a turn-over ceremony held last June 30 at the NMIS Salvador H. Escudero III Hall, Dr. Manantan turned over the manning of NMIS affairs to Atty. Beata Obsioma, the incumbent Deputy Executive Director.

Dr. Manantan started her illustrious career in 1975 when she was hired by the Bureau of Animal Industry as an emergency employee. She eventually got a permanent appointment in 1977. She was hired as a research veterinarian at the National Meat Inspection Service (formerly National Meat Inspection Commission) in 1979. From then on, it was an upward climb for Dr. Manantan. She was appointed as a Meat Control Officer in 1983, and after only three years, she got the Supervising Meat Control Officer position. She was appointed as Regional Meat Control Officer, the equivalent of a regional director, in 1989. After eleven years of service at the NMIS regional office, Dr. Manantan was appointed as the NMIS Deputy Executive Director in 2000. After a brief stint as an Officer in Charge at the Office of the Executive Director in 2005, she eventually was appointed as a full-pledged Executive Director in 2012.

Under her watch, the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines otherwise known as R.A. 9296 and its amended version R.A. 10536 were passed into law. It was also during her tenure that the NMIS had finally found a permanent home at the Meat Inspection Training and Development Center, a four-story structure that boasts of a convention hall that can accommodate up to seven hundred people, three large and two small training rooms. She was also able to put in place the approved NMIS Rationalization Plan where positions that were left vacant for so long were filled up including ten Regional Technical Directors, five division heads, several Senior and Supervising Meat Control Officers and Meat Inspectors.

Dr. Manantan was also able to introduce many innovations that sped up the services to NMIS clients such as issuing an amended Citizen’s Charter. She issued several guidelines and procedures that served operational details to the provision of Meat Inspection Code.

But, Dr. Manantan will be best remembered for firmly steering the NMIS during difficult times and bumpy roads block the implementation of NMIS projects and activities. The adversities surmounted were aptly described by one of her favorite sayings: “Panghinaan na ang katawan, huwag lang ang kalooban.”

Dr. Manantan will start her life as a civilian staring July 1, 2016. Roberta L. Riguer