Press Releases

NMIS OIC, Executive Director Beata H. O. Obsioma to champion two things this year

In a message delivered during the flag raising ceremony at the central office on the first flag raising ceremony this year, Atty. Obsioma said she will make it her priority to allow anyone who is interested to attend training, either here or abroad. The OIC- ED encouraged NMIS employees to look for scholarships that are relevant to their current functions and use whatever they are going learn to help contribute to the development of NMIS particularly in terms of drafting new programs. She specially addressed the young employees to be resourceful in looking for training that will enhance their knowledge and skills. “Go chase your dreams, for only you can work it out,” she added.

Atty. Obsioma also made known that she will instill a work and family balance to the working life of NMIS employees. She emphasized that she will not take it against any employee who goes home right after his/her eight-hour work shift. She will continue to allow anyone to avail of the offsetting scheme of replacing the hours rendered for overtime services. “ Work is important, but your time with your family is also equally worthy of your time,” she concluded. Roberta L. Riguer