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Brazilian Meat Scandal Leads NMIS to Tighter Meat Inspection

The National Meat Inspection Service alerted today all plant officers assigned in cold storages to be more vigilant in light of the meat scandal rocking Brazil. NMIS OIC, Executive Director Beata Humilda Obsioma directed all meat plant officers assigned in cold storages to perform more rigorous and tighter re-inspection on all arrivals of beef and poultry products from Brazil that were shipped to the Philippines from March 19 onwards. Director Obsioma further instructed the plant officers to collect meat samples for laboratory testing to ensure that all meat coming from Brazil are safe for human consumption.

The NMIS is currently coordinating with the Department of Agriculture on the possible action to be taken if a meat plant from Brazil is identified as a source of the tainted meat. The DA possess the necessary authority to prevent the entry of meat products that do meet the standards set by the Philippines.

The meat scandal, dubbed "Carne Fraca" or "Weak Meat," emanated from the raid by Brazilian federal police last week at several meat-producing plants and the arrest of more than two dozen people. The scandal is part of a corruption probe that involves allegations that government inspectors allowed rotten and salmonella-tainted meat products to be sold in exchange for bribes. Roberta L. Riguer