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NMIS Becomes Advocate of Values Restoration 

“Let’s bring down the Christmas decors. Get off the holiday mood. It’s time to regroup after celebrating with our own families during the holidays.”

The NMIS conducted today a nationwide launching of its Values Restoration Program with Central Office and the Regional Technical Operations Centers participating . The Head of NMIS Administrative Division Mr. Lamberto dela Cruz led the launching at the central office while the Regional Technical Directors steered the activity at the RTOCs.

The Program calls for a sustained fight against corruption through the integration and internalization of values in the lives of NMIS employees. Each Monday of the week, an NMIS Values Restoration Officer from the Central Office and the RTOCs will lead the discussion of a common value after the flag raising ceremony using the Council for Restoration of Filipino Values handbook, Transforming the Nation through Values. There are 52 value focused topics in the book to choose from.

This week, the NMIS started with the values on equality. Mr. dela Cruz’s presentation dwelt on how equality can be defined in the context of our standing before the Supreme Creator: that regardless of a person’s social and economic status in life, God sees everyone as having an equal opportunity to avail His Grace, mercies, forgiveness, and salvation. Mr. dela Cruz enticed the participants to reflect on how they treated their colleagues. Did they bully or ostracized anyone because of his or her personal appearance, economic status, religion, or intellectual limitations. He left a challenge to anyone who did those things to ask forgiveness. The activity ended with all participants swearing a declaration that they will respect their fellowmen, and not look down on others because of their race, creed, religion, physical appearance, economic status, or intellectual limitation.

The success of the VRP will be assessed on a quarterly basis. An annual consolidated, written reports, best practices, testimonies, and relevant activities will be prepared and presented during the annual general assembly of all Values Restoration Officer from the Philippines. Roberta L. Riguer

In line with the thrust of the current administration for a graft-free society, all government agencies are mandated to implement a VRP anchored to core values of Love of God, Stewardship, Respect for Authority, Wisdom of Truthfulness, and Service to the People