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New Leadership Sets Vision for NMIS

“In one- year time, the National Meat Inspection Service will become a model agency in providing services to make meat safe to all Filipinos.” This is the bold pronouncement of Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales, the newly installed NMIS Executive Director as he addressed the NMIS key officers during the agency’s first Management Committee Conference held today at Kimberly Hotel in Tagaytay City.

Dr. Gonzales emphasized that under his watch, the NMIS, as a government agency tasked to regulate the safety of meat for human consumption, has to work hard for the benefit of the Filipino people. He reminded the key officers that the agency is accountable for ensuring the health of every Filipino especially in the field of meat safety.

The Executive Director is very serious in stressing that safety of meat must never be compromised, whether it is caused by lack of the implementation of regulations or lack of commitment by regulators to implement the laws on meat safety. “We may not have perfected yet the system where we can confidently say that 100 percent of meat being produced is safe, but we are getting there.” he said. “What is important is that we have started early on and everybody has put out their stake in achieving it.” he further said.

Dr. Gonzales also underscored the role of the Local Government Units as the partner of NMIS in providing safe meat for our countrymen. The NMIS recognizes the role of the LGU in providing safe meat for Filipinos especially those produced at the local meat establishments. Dr. Gonzales sees the need for the national government to motivate the LGUs into making available safe meat for their local constituents. The best approach in enticing the LGUs in producing safe meat is through the strengthening of the local meat inspection system. This approach must be combined with an awareness campaign on the benefit of providing safe meat to the community. The best foundation in obtaining harmonious relationship with LGUs is through continuous dialogue, the Executive Director concluded.

Dr. Gonzales prompted the NMIS key officials to be mindful of their role in implementing meat regulations. Only a cohesive organization will be able to withstand the challenges in providing safe meat for all Filipinos.

The ManComm meeting was presided by the Executive Director with the Deputy Executive Director, Regional Technical Directors, division heads and section heads. Roberta L. Riguer

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