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NMIS Quality Policy

Executive Order No 60S, dated 23 February 20017, Institutionalizing the Structure, Mechanisms and Standards to implement the Government Quality Management Program (GQMP) directs all departments/agencies under the Executive Branch, including all government owned and lor controlled corporations (GOCCs)and government financial institutions (GFls) to adopt International Standard ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) and pursue certification.

The goal of the GQMP is to strengthen institutional capacities of public sector organizations in delivering citizen-focused public services and in pertaining international standards-based quality management system.

In this connection, please be informed that NMIS is seeking to implement a QMS certifiable to ISO9001:2015 and now on its journey in establishing procedures required by the standard. Equally important, a copy of NMIS QUALITY POLICY is hereby attached, for your information and gudidance. 

Reference: NMIS_Memorandum No: 1365 Series 2017

NMIS Quality Policy2