Press Releases

NMIS Joins Digital Banking 

NMIs Executive Director Ernesto S. Gonzales announced during the opening ceremony of the annual Meat Safety Consciousness Week celebration held at the NMIS SHE III Hall that the NMIS is finally joining the electronic banking system.

The e-banking system will provide an efficient way of paying fees for NMIS services such as ante and post-mortem, licensing, laboratory tests, GMP/HACCP certification, imported meat inspection, meat importer accreditation, meat establishment fabricators and contractors accreditation. The scheme is also seen to minimize graft and corruption by limiting the face to face transaction between the NMIS personnel and its clients.

The development of the e-payment system was in compliance to the E-commerce Law which mandates all government offices to acquire capability to do e-commerce, one of which is the shift of payment to electronic system.

The system was realized through the support of the US Agency for International Development and the Land Bank of the Philippines which gave its permission to NMIS to use their e-banking portal.

The NMIS e-payment system will be implemented early next year after the approval of the circular