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NMIS Holds Visayas – Wide Public Consultation in Cebu

The National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), through its Accreditation and Registration Division (ARD) headed by Dr. Clarita M. Sangcal and Regional Technical Operation Center (RTOC) - VII headed by Regional Technical Director Dr. Orlando C. Ongsotto, conducted a whole day public consultation meeting with its partner - Local Government Units (LGUs) and meat industry stakeholders from Regions VI (Iloilo), VII (Cebu), and VIII (Tacloban) or Visayas Cluster on February 27, 2018 at Cebu Business Hotel, Colon Corner Junguera St., Cebu City.

The purpose of the public consultation is to involve the Locally Registered Meat Establishments (LRMEs) or Local Government Unit (LGU)/Private operated Meat Establishments, and NMIS Accredited Meat Establishments of Visayas areas in improving the NMIS’ draft rules and guidelines by contributing their inputs or comments and views.

The rules and guidelines presented during the public consultation are: (1) Evaluation and Classification of “A” Meat Establishment and Issuance of License to Operate (LTO), (2) Implementation of Meat Safety Quality Assurance Levels I and II, (3) Implementation of “No License to Operate or Authorization, No Inspection” Policy, and (4) Disposition of Meat Subjected to Regulatory Action and Others.

In his welcome address, Dr. Ongsotto enticed the participants to attend the whole day public consultation intended for the LRMEs in the morning and meat industries in the afternoon. He further said that they should not simply rely on what is being drafted by NMIS but they must also give their comments and suggestions so that NMIS regulation will become a law that help NMIS develop the meat industry affected by the regulation. He emphasized that the implementation of NMIS regulation is a joint undertaking by the national and local level, so, both should help each other in improving the system of the implementation by giving their comments and suggestions.

After the presentation of the four draft regulations, Dr. April B. Chavez and Ms. Neilda Aquino, both from the ARD, presented the inputs on the draft regulations that were gathered from the participants during the whole day public consultation.

As an additional activity, Dr. Clarita M. Sangcal presented various NMIS approved guidelines in relation to the issuance of LTO. She also provided the participants an advance information that as per NMIS Executive Director Ernesto S. Gonzales’ directive, the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) will also be applied to LRME or “A” meat establishments and the Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP) will be implemented by “AA” meat establishments.

At present, only NMIS licensed “AA” meat establishments are mandated to comply with GMP while HACCP is implemented only by NMIS licensed “AAA” meat establishments. Shiela B. Endrina – Information Officer II