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NMIS welcomes Korean Meat Inspectors 

The National Meat Inspection Service held a brief orientation seminar for Korean meat inspectors and importers last September 18, 2018 at NMIS Training Room A.

The orientation was organized by Meat Standards Development Consumer Protection Division under Dr. January M. Nones where 25 attendees from Livestock Health Control Association of Korea (LHCA) participated.

The LHCA is one of the agencies in Korea committed to improve the safety of livestock products to achieve a country free of major animal diseases. It is also an association responsible for animal disease control, inspection of domestic livestock products, quarantine and inspection of imported livestock products and imported beef traceability.

The sole speaker of the short orientation, Ms. Beth Riguer, NMIS Information Officer III discussed the NMIS profile specifically the agency’s duties and responsibilities and the services it provides.

After the discussion, an open-forum was conducted to answer the participants’ inquiries and to further elaborate the parts that needed clarification.

 Certainly, the symposium was a great experience for both NMIS and LHCA because it became an opportunity for exchanging knowledge and expertise regarding meat inspection system.

Pierre Jordan M. Escobar

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