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NMIS and Dubai held Exploratory Task for Importation of Philippine Meat 

The National Meat Inspection Service organized a short meeting with Dubai Municipality and Department of Trade and Industry-Export and Marketing Bureau to discuss about the opportunities of fresh meat importation and exportation between Philippines and Dubai. 

Representing the Dubai Municipality- Food Trade Control Section were Mohammed Gasu and Mohammed Ahmed who came to the Philippines to promote food control at the source and to minimize contraventions or small infractions that may cause the product to be rejected at the port of entry. One of the agenda during the meeting is to search competent authorities who they can communicate with when it comes to meat importation and exportation.

To formally start the meeting, Atty Beata Humilda Obsioma, NMIS Deputy Executive Director gave a brief opening remarks wherein she thanked the participants for their time and assured them that NMIS will do its best to support the Dubai Municipality in their endeavors.

Dr. January M. Nones, head of MSDCPD presented the participants from the Department of Agriculture composed of Dr. Magdiwang Cruz, head of NMIS Accreditation and Registration Division, Dr. Sittie Maleah Fatima Macog, MSDCPD Meat Control Officer II, Dr. Raisa Mareil Lagrimas and Florence D. Silvano, both from BAI- National Veterinary Quarantine Services Division.

Mr. Eric Elnar from Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau and his colleagues Al-Mahdi I. Jul-Ahmad and Rose Marie G. Castillo also participated in the meeting.

After that, Dr. Sittie discussed the Agency Profile, its functions and services it provides while Mohammed Gasu shared a presentation about their department, Food Trade Control Section and its objectives, responsibilities and the requirements for importation and exportation.

The meeting ended with parties thoroughly understanding importation and exportation system of both Philippines and Dubai that will surely pave the way for a better and improved partnership for import and export for the next few years.


Pierre Jordan M. Escobar

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