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NMIS Enforcement Group and POSMS join forces to seize "flooded" meat 

Eight carabaos were condemned and confiscated by the National Meat Inspection Service- NCR Enforcement Team with the help of Plant Operation Standards and Monitoring Section last Wednesday in a slaughterhouse in Quezon City.

The confiscated carabaos were apparently victims of “flooding” or the illegal act of forced administration of water to large animals like cattle and carabaos.

Flooding is considered as a violation of the Animal Welfare Act because it is a form of inhumane treatment to animals. “Flooding” is done so that the carcasses gain more weight therefore becoming more profitable.

This illegal act can also affect the health of consumers because the meat of a “flooded” animal is easily get spoiled and may also be contaminated with salmonella since the water used may be not potable and safe for drinking.

According to Dr. Roberto Umali from NCR Enforcement Team, the violation was discovered during the ante-mortem inspection supervised by Dr. Minerva Calleja and Dr. Gina Mathews, NCR Area Veterinarians, where two of the carabaos already showed signs of being “flooded” and were considered as “downers” or a crippled or weak animal unable to stand or showing abnormal locomotion and later on declared as dead. After a few hours, six carabaos also fell down and were dead too, making a total of eight carabaos outrightly condemned in the said slaughterhouse.

The perpetrators were given condemnation receipt and will likely to face punishment because of performing illegal act and violating three laws namely Animal Welfare Act, Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines and Consumer Act of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the confiscated carabaos were disposed last Thursday through burying in Phileco, a sanitary landfill in Navotas.

Part of the enforcement team who were involved in the enforcement activity were Dr. Isidro Callangan, Dr. Roberto Umali and Dr. Domingo Gonzaga of NCR Enforcement Team. Some of the Central Office Enforcement Team headed by Dr. Rolando Marquez were also there together with POSMS.



Pierre Jordan Escobar

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