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UP-NCPAG equips NMIS supervisory knowledge 

The National Meat Inspection Service tapped the University of the Philippines-Diliman National College of Public Administration and Governance to conduct a Supervisory Seminar Workshop for NMIS personnel last October 1-5, 2018 at UP-NCPAG Audio Visual Room.

The five-day workshop, participated by a total of 40 NMIS supervisors- 35 of which are veterinarians and 5 non-veterinarians, has the main objective of developing the skills of participants to enable them to strategically implement monitor management interventions towards the achievement of goals and vision of the NMIS.

Dr. Maria Fe Mendoza, Dean of UP-NCPAG formally opened the workshop with a welcome remarks where she reminded the participants that they play a big role in the society so they should serve the people and make the country better to live in. She also shared the battle cry of NCPAG which is “Utak at Puso” to encourage participants to lead the public both with knowledge and good heart.

On the other hand, NMIS Executive Director Ernesto S. Gonzales said in his message that he is hoping that the participants will show a better performance with their jobs after the seminar concluded.

He also highlighted that a leader should has dedication to his/her work,  has the desire to excel more in serving the Filipino people, has the will to empower his people and has the capacity to use intellectual minds.

Furthermore, he encouraged the participants who want to be promoted that they should embody certain qualities such as proper attitude and ability to make decisions in order to achieve their desire to step-up their career.

On the first day of the seminar, the Introduction to Systems Analysis and the Relevance of Knowledge and Change Management and workshops such as Vision-Reality Gap Analysis, SWOT/C Analysis for Carrying out NMIS Division/ Unit Objectives and also Framing Strategic Issues: Change Management Issues were conducted by Dr. Maria Faina L. Diola and Mr. Charlie E. Cabotaje of Center for Leadership, Citizenship, and Democracy-NCPAG.

Dr. Diola of CLCD-NCPAG discussed topics like the Process Manager: Summative versus Process Management and Stakeholder versus Change Agents: Working Relationships, Understanding Program, Policy, or Practice Management: Organizational Context, the next day.

During day three, Decision- Making and Facilitating Adoption of a Program, Policy, or Practice, Process Monitoring for Completeness and Acceptable Delivery of a Program, Policy, or Practice: Essential Elements for P3 Success were discussed by Dr. Diola and Mr. Cabotaje.

On the fourth day, Atty. Mark Anthony M. Gamboa of UP School of Urban and Regional Planning taught the attendees how to develop plans, specifically action plan and monitoring plan.

A total of ten workshops were held to extract ideas from the participants which were divided into five groups.

To end the workshop, each group presented a role-playing activity to enact each situation given to them on how to make decisions as Supervisors.

In conclusion, the seminar showcased a two-way process of learning which is sharing of knowledge done by resource speakers and giving feedback through an everyday presentation of outputs to assess the knowledge of the participants regarding the inputs discussed.



Pierre Jordan Escobar

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