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DTI orients NMIS about Ease on Doing Business 

 The Department of Trade and Industry gave an orientation about the R.A. 11032 or commonly known as Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 to NMIS Executive Committee members and staff at NMIS Conference Room 1, December 5, 2018.

The R.A. 11032 in summary is about promoting good regulatory practices such as reengineering government systems and procedures, regulatory impact assessment, repeal of outdated, redundant laws and issuances. It is also about embracing customer centricity, setting standards on prescribed processing time, adopting information and communication technologies and Governance and Institutional Arrangements.

Ms. Mary Lou Gesilva, Assistant Director of Department of Trade and Industry- Competitiveness Bureau and also the sole speaker of the short orientation presented the Global Competitiveness Report Card of the Philippines and also the Ease of Doing Business Report that reflects the ranking of the country in terms of various business transactions.

Moreover, she also talked about the R.A 11032 and its salient features. After that, she explained the sections of the act one by one in order to help the attendees understand it better.

The participants then were given a chance to ask questions in order to clarify the things they do not fully comprehend.

The orientation was organized by NMIS Citizen’s Charter Chair Ms. Roberta Riguer and her staff and was attended by NMIS Deputy Executive Director Atty. Beata Humilda Obsioma, Dr. Ronnie Ernst Duque, Dr. Magdiwang Cruz, Dr. Jonathan Sabiniano, Dr. Arneli Ignacio, Dr. January Nones, Dr. Edna Gray, Dr. Naida Bolvar, Dr. Mignon Umali, Dr. Lilia Juliana Fermin, Mr. Emmanuel Sison, Ms. Shiela Endrina, Mr. Gian Tabing, Dr. Relson Lozano, and Mr. Gregg Deculawan.        


Pierre Jordan M. Escobar