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Korea lends a hand to modernize Traceability System of DA, BAI and NMIS 

 The National Meat Inspection Service pledged its support and participation in the Korean Project entitled “Knowledge Sharing Program for Establishment of Philippine Food and Animal and Animal Product Traceability and Quality Evaluation Systems” together with Bureau of Animal Industry and Department of Agriculture at BAI Office of the Director, December 6, 2018.

The project is a joint mission of Korean representatives composed of Ministry of Economy and Finance, Korea Export and Import Bank and Korea Management Association Consulting- Aable Consortium that aims to help the Department of Agriculture and two of its attached agencies: Bureau of Animal Industry and National Meat Inspection Service develop a modern traceability and quality evaluation system.

It consists of five main activities which are Diagnostic Analysis, Case Study, Capability Building Program and Interim Workshop, Policy Recommendation and Final Dissemination Seminar which are vital for the success of the project.

During the launching of the project, BAI Director Dr. Ronnie Domingo welcomed the consultants from Korea and expressed his gratitude for their generous support and help to the Philippines.

NMIS Deputy Executive Director Atty. Beata Humilda Obsioma then talked about the importance of modernizing meat inspection system and the immediate need to shift to digital technology in order to cope up with the fast-paced lifestyle of today.

Afterwards, KSP Director Park Kyung Seo also gave his warm gratitude to all the attendees of the event and expressed his desire for the workshop to be helpful and meaningful for both countries in the end.

Also, Suh Kyu Sik, Director for International Economic Cooperation Strategy of Korea’s Ministry of Economic and Finance discussed about the background of KSP and emphasized his utmost support to the project for the sake of farmers and consumers.

KSP Project Integrator Steve Park presented the overall project plan which discusses the project approach and project implementation before proceeding with the ceremonial signing of Aide Memoire participated by representatives: Park Kyung Seo for Korea, Atty, Jane Bacayo for DA- Project Development Service, Dr. Ronnie Domingo for BAI and Atty. Beata Humilda Obsioma for NMIS.

To conclude the event, Atty, Jane Bacayo, DA- Project Development Service Director gave a message wherein he said that the project is very timely and will surely be a big help to finally remove the dilemma of poor traceability system.

Pierre Jordan M. Escobar