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NMIS asks LGUs cooperation in strengthening meat inspection and surveillance 

The National Meat Inspection Service represented by Dr. Rolando Marquez, head of NMIS Enforcement Group discussed about Local Meat Inspection System in an interview for PTV4, January 14, 2019.

The Local Meat Inspection System as explained by Dr. Marquez, is one of the priorities of NMIS Executive Director Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales this 2019 that aims to help Local Government Units establish and create their own system to address the issues in local markets.

During the interview done by PTV4 Reporter Cleizl Pardilla, Dr. Marquez emphasized the importance of the cooperation of LGU when it comes to meat inspection since they are the ones who have a better knowledge about the status of local markets. He also encouraged them to perform surveillance not just once a week in order to check if the sources of meat are reliable.

Furthermore, he talked about the supply of meat while assuring the public that it is safe from the danger of African Swine Fever (ASF) because it is not a risk in public health since it does not affect human and can only cause economic loss.

The interview ended with Dr. Marquez giving a message to LGU that they need to focus more on public health programs. He also warned those who will not follow the rules and regulations of NMIS that they will face charges whether they are LGU, vendors or consumers.

Pierre Jordan M. Escobar