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Training of Trainers on Food Safety conducted by NMISblinking-NEW

 The National Meat Inspection Service- Meat Standards Development and Consumer Protection Division held a training workshop on Food Safety at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites, March 5-8, 2019.

The four-day workshop was organized to mold the participants on becoming competitive food safety educators who aim to teach consumers and food business operators the importance of food storage, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing and pest control in food safety.

It was divided into two parts wherein the first two days focused on related agenda and topics to MSDCPD while the last two focused on the Training of Trainers on Food Safety.

The event formally started with the welcome remarks of MSDCPD Head, Dr. Edna Gray wherein she expressed her gratitude to all the attendees who were MSDCPS focal persons for Training and for Consumer Protection.

She also discussed the priority programs of MSDCPD this 2019 as instructed by NMIS Executive Director Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales and afterwards, stated the role of MSDCPD Focal on Local Meat Inspection System (LMIS) which are to assist, capacitate and help LGU establish their own LMIS.

Concluding the first day was the presentation of 2018 MSDCPD Accomplishments by Dr. Sittie Maleah Fatima Macog, Meat Control Officer II.

The second day was devoted to discussions of various topics such as DA-Halal Food Industry Development Program and PNS Code of Halal Slaughtering Practices by Dr. Macog, Salient Features of Ease of Doing Business and Updating of GHP Module by Ms. Roberta Riguer, Information Officer III and National Abattoir Development Master Plan by Dr. Lilia Juliana Fermin and Dr. Josefina Rico.

A workshop was held on the third day wherein experts from Agricultural Training Institute, Ms. Antonieta Arceo and Mr. Karl Louise Salibio shared their knowledge to the participants on how to improve the delivery of modules on Food Safety. They were also taught on how they can enhance their communication skills and their presentation in power point.

During that day, the first group who was assigned to present the module for consumers using the revised presentation materials and techniques was evaluated by ATI facilitators on the manner of delivery and their translation of the content of the module into something that will be understandable to their target audience.

On the last day of the training, the other group who was assigned to present the module for food business operators presented and was also evaluated by the facilitators.

The workshop ended with Dr. Fernando Lontoc, Regional Technical Director of Region IV-A congratulating the participants and the MSDCPD for organizing an event that will be helpful on promulgating knowledge about food safety.

Pierre M. Escobar