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NMIS joins in Food Month Kick-off

 In support to the Celebration of “Filipino Food Month” (FFM) o “Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino”, the National Meat Inspection Service participated in the event’s opening ceremony held at the DA Grounds last April 10, 2019.

The kick-off event was graced by DA Undersecretaries, Heads and Employees from DA Bureaus  and Attached Agencies like Agricultural Training Institute, Bureau of Animal Industry, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Bureau of Plant Industry, National Dairy Authority, Sugar Regulatory Administration, Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority, National Food Authority and Philippine Coconut Authority.


As part of the ceremony, each agency or bureau brought a dish using Filipino ingredients symbolizing their respective agencies. The dishes were later placed on a long table resembling a fiesta-like and festive atmosphere where everyone partook the food. It also showed the value of sharing in the Filipino culture.


The NMIS representatives led by Atty. Beata Humilda Obsioma, OIC, Office of the Executive Director presented ‘Sinuglaw’, a dish composed of a combination of two totally opposite dishes, Sinugba and Kinilaw. Sinugba means grilled which uses meat as a main ingredient while Kinilaw means soaked in vinegar and uses fish as its main ingredient.


With the help of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the Department of Agriculture conducted a TienDA: Piyesta ng Pagkaing Pilipino starting April 10 up to April 12, 2019 at the DA Grounds, Quezon City where indigenous ingredients from all regions of the Philippines were sold in retail. The three day event also staged a food preparation and or cooking demonstrations using the indigenous ingredients in presenting one known dish or delicacy per region.


A cooking demonstration was also held at Melencio Castelo Elementary School, Quezon City April 10, 2019 participated by 900 grade 5 students assisted by chefs and teachers.

A DA-led event that highlighted the celebration and presentation of the Filipino delicacies was conducted at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last April 12, 2019 (Friday), in the afternoon.


The celebration of Filipino Food Month was rooted from Proclamation No. 469 which declares the month of April every year as “Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino or “Filipino Food Month”.


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NMIS Pilots New Awareness Campaign


The National Meat Inspection Service piloted a new awareness campaign entitled “Orientation on Food Safety for Food Handlers and Preparers” at NMIS Training Room A last March 28, 2019.

The orientation was organized by the Meat Standards Development and Consumer Protection Division headed by its Division Chief, Dr. Edna Y. Gray. It is one of the 2019 key programs of NMIS Executive Director Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales.

The awareness campaign aims to instill knowledge to people in the food businesses such as school canteen operators, catering services and other food enterprises about the significance of food safety in their establishments in order to protect their consumers.

The event started with a welcome remarks delivered by NCR Regional Technical Director Dr. Ronnie Ernst Duque who expressed his gratitude to the attendees of the seminar while also reminding them of their duties as food handlers.

Various topics were then discussed by NMIS Food Safety Educators. Ms. Roberta Riguer briefed the participants on the profile of NMIS and later discussed Cleaning and Sanitizing and Food Preservation and Storage. Dr. Rona Regina Reyes tackled Meat Safety: A Component to Food Safety and Pest Control and Dr. Yvette Soller discussed about Food Hygiene and Food Hazard.

Dr. Gray concluded the event with a closing message encouraging the attendees to apply what they have learned from the seminar in their respective assignments and reiterated the value of food safety in their everyday work.

Representatives from school canteens of Quezon City Science High School, Ponciano Bernardo High School, Judge Juan Luna High School and San Francisco High School attended the orientation together with food caterers from Albertus, Tri E, Eloquente and TGS Catering Services.

Completing the 30 attendees were chefs and service crew of food restaurants El Cirkulo and Kamay Kainan.

Eventually, the responsibility to conduct this awareness campaign on food safety will be transferred to Local Government Units with the assistance of NMIS Regional Technical Operation Centers through the Food Safety Educators in their respective regions.

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Text Box: The attendees of the Orientation on Food Safety last March 28, 2019 with MSDCPD Staff and Food Safety Trainers.