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NMIS Director extends support to Food Safety Advocacy

NMIS Director Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales in a speech delivered during the opening day of RTOC IV-A Trainer’s Training held in View Park Hotel, Tagaytay last May 30-31 emphasized the strategies needed to succeed in Food Safety Campaign.

He said he realized there is a lack of focus to issues in Food Safety and that became the reason to initiate the campaign as a way to address the problem.

During his message, he emphasized that Food Safety trainers should be strong leaders, result-oriented and understand the importance of unity and cooperation with Local Government Units to reach their goals. They should also show their passion in teaching their audience about the basic principles of achieving Food Safety.

Moreover, he pointed out that educating consumers and food handlers is the best approach to gradually achieve both food safety and food security.

More than the campaign, Dr. Gonzales also wanted to educate consumers to look for Meat Inspection Certificate before buying meat and inspire them to stop illegal slaughtering.

Currently, two regions already conducted the Training of Trainers on Food Safety which were RTOC NCR last March 28-29 and RTOC IV-A last May 30-31 participated by about 28 Local Government Unit representatives.


Pierre Escobar