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Characteristics of mishandled meat explained by NMIS

In an interview with GMA News Reporter, Dano Tingcungco, NMIS Cental Office Enforcement Head Dr. Rolando Marquez discussed about mishandled meat last June 3, 2019 at NMIS MTDC Building.

The discussion ensued from the recent confiscation of 100 kilos of undocumented and mishandled meat on Calinan, Davao City and 600 kilos of poultry meat on Cagayan De Oro City last April.

According to Dr. Marquez, mishandled meat is different from “botcha” because it is derived from dead food animals illegally slaughtered and sold while mishandled meat came from properly slaughtered animals but along its way to the market was subjected to improper handling or storage.

Dr. Marquez also explained that frozen, chilled and thawed meat should be stored in correct temperature indicated in the Rules and Regulations on Hygienic Handling of Chilled, Frozen and Thawed Meat in Meat Markets (Administrative Order No. 6). Frozen meat should be kept at a product temperature not higher than 0° C during its handling, storage, distribution and sale. Chilled meat should be kept at a minimum product temperature higher than 0°C or that prevents freezing and a maximum product temperature of 10°C during its handling, distribution and sale. Moreover, the thawed meat shall be kept on a place that maintains product temperature at 5˚C.

He also discussed the effect of mishandled meat to health which are possible contracting of gastrointestinal disease or food poisoning.

Furthermore, he also reminded consumers to examine the characteristics of meat such as color and smell before buying it. A fresh meat should not have greenish and bluish discoloration and does not emit foul odor. He also reminded consumers to check if proper documents like meat inspection certificate, sanitation permit, and business permit are properly displayed in meat stalls.


Pierre Escobar