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NMIS supports PCMVLP’s efforts to strengthen local food security

The National Meat Inspection Service graced the 17th Annual Convention and Conference of Provincial, City and Municipal Veterinarian League of the Philippines (PCMVLP) by the presence of NMIS Executive Director, Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales, OIC-Head of Meat Standards Development and Consumer Protection Division, Dr. Edna Y. Gray, and Information Officer III, Ms. Roberta L. Riguer. The convention was held at the Big 8 Corporate Hotel in Tagum City, Davao del Norte last May 22 to 24, 2019.

With the theme “Strengthening Local Veterinary Services for Ensured Security”, the event was participated by about 100 LGU veterinarians. The gathering focused on the importance of providing food security and food safety as one of the roles of provincial, municipal and city veterinarians aside from animal health management.

The NMIS Executive Director Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales delivered a message which emphasized the evolution of the function of veterinarians from caring for animal health to protecting and advocating food safety now and in the years to come. He also commended the efforts of PCMVLP of including in its objectives the strengthening of LGU veterinary services in ensuring food security and food safety both in national and local levels.

Dr. Edna Y. Gray talked about the era of Food Safety Advocacy by discussing the NMIS mandate, the new and existing Food Safety module, and NMIS key programs such as Local Meat Inspection System, Enforcement, Market Surveillance and Strike Operations and Halal Program.

In an interview by Ms. Roberta Riguer of the PCMVLP President, Dr. Pastor Tumaluian encouraged the members to include food safety and security in the LGU priority of activities in order to ensure that food is of high quality, inspected and most importantly, safe for human consumption.


Pierre M. Escobar