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“Right attitude is crucial for Meat Inspection Officers” said the NMIS Executive Director

During the 6th Retooling Training Workshop conducted last June 25-28, 2019 at Brentwood Suites, Quezon City, NMIS Executive Director Dr. Ernesto S. Gonzales pointed out the importance of proper work disposition of meat inspectors and veterinarians in doing their jobs as food safety officers.

Having a positive attitude such as being a good team-player, having self-confidence, good decision making, good problem solving and time management skills will greatly help on dealing with problems in meat inspection and meat quality control.

The workshop’s purpose is to provide refresher’s course on the basics of meat inspection system the NMIS veterinarians and meat inspectors who are serving the agency for years now was a success. The participants were re-oriented on Meat Science, Comparative Anatomy, Ante and Post-Mortem Inspection Procedures, Parasitology, Lung Scoring, Knife Sharpening and Honing, Laboratory Sample Collection through a combination of classroom and hands-on teaching methodologies.

Furthermore, they were lectured on the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, GMP/SSOP and HACCP Programs, ExPRESS Project, Roles and Functions of Meat Inspection Officers, Priority Diseases and National Disease Surveillance Program.

Pre-test and post-test were given to the participants to compare and assess their knowledge before and after the four-day workshop. The retooling activity was organized by NMIS Plant Operation Standards and Monitoring Division (POSMD) headed by Dr. Ma. Elaine Joy Villareal.

Pierre M. Escobar