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NMIS molds Enterprise Architects as instruments of agency’s transformation

The National Meat Inspection Service conducted a 3-day enterprise architecture workshop for NMIS technical and support staff at The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City on November 26-28, 2019.


Dr. Easter Oblena, head of Planning and Information Management Division (PIMD) opened the workshop with a message wherein she shared the history of the activity and the responsibilities that will rest on the shoulders of future Enterprise Architects.
The workshop revolved around the discussion of topics which will be helpful for the creation of the agency’s enterprise architecture such as presentations of Enterprise Framework, Enterprise Principles, Regulation, policy and agreement registry, Business function and process map, Data and application Modeling, Technology Modeling by the sole speaker, Mr. John Macasio
Ms. Mariane Villareal, head of IT section also presented the NMIS information Systems Strategic Plan to inform the participants of the updates to the plan and the modifications needed to be done to ISSP.
Workshops like creation of process swim lanes and SIPOC (Source, Input, Procedure, Output, and Customer) of Business Process were also done to help participants make their own since those are important tools of Enterprise Architecture.
“Enterprise Architecture as an engine for NMIS digital transformation” was the theme of activity which only means that the training workshop’s main goal was to equip NMIS personnel both technical and admin staff with skills needed to build an enterprise architecture which will serve as a core of its ISSP, Quality Management System, Citizen’s Charter and Strategic Plan.

The 3-day activity was facilitated by NMIS-PIMD and Information Technology Section and was attended by representatives from NMIS divisions, sections and units.