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NMIS to include research and standard-setting in priorities for 2020

“The National Meat Inspection Service will continue to implement its priority programs this year, but will strengthen its research and standard setting programs in collaboration with Bureau of Fisheries and Standards, Philippine Council for Aquaculture Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development and the academe. The developed standards will be used as bases for crafting meat safety regulations.” Atty. Beata Obsioma, NMIS OIC-Executive Director said in a recent interview.

 “By including standards-setting as one its priority programs, the NMIS hopes that regulations, procedures, and guidelines to be issued in the future work would be science-based and specific. Standards when applied ensure the safety and quality of foods and guarantee the efficiency in the implementation of regulations.” Atty. Obsioma added.  

Aside from research and standards-setting programs, the NMIS will strengthen the enforcement of existing meat safety laws and regulations, enhance meat inspectors’ inspection skills, application of online inspection system, nationwide awareness campaign on food safety, and building capacity for cold storage owners to implement Good Operating Practice. All these programs are meant to either individually or in combination contribute to the production of safe and wholesome meat.

The NMIS will also continue to implement its 2017 to 2022 strategic goals to serve as guideposts to the direction where the NMIS is heading.  “Up into the midstream, the NMIS will step back and will review the set goals if they have served its purpose,” Atty. Obsioma also said.  

Among the goals set up for action planning include the strengthening of NMIS as an institution, strengthening of meat-related legislations and reinforcing regulatory functions, enhancing partnership with stakeholders and other government institutions, enhancing cooperation with global community and the meat industry, and strengthening compliance to international standards. 

“The NMIS, as a regulatory agency under the Department of Agriculture, is also committed to harmonize its programs to the “Eight Paradigms Set to Level Up Agriculture”  for the new DA vision of a “Food Secure Philippines with Prosperous Farmers and Fisherfolks” set by DA Secretary William D. Dar,” Atty. Obsioma concluded.

Atty.  Obsioma, the current OIC of NMIS, aside from obtaining a law degree and passing the bar is also a licensed veterinarian and a Doctor of Philosophy. Roberta L. Riguer