Accreditation, Registration and Enforcement Program

This program makes certain that those meat establishments such as slaughter-houses, poultry dressing plants, meat processing plants, meat cutting facilities and cold storages for meat are in conformity with the minimum requirements needed by the standard evaluation criteria.  Upon meeting the requirements of evaluation, the distribution of meat and meat products are regulated by classifying those meat establishments into “A” (within the city or municipality), “AA” (within the Philippines) and “AAA” (within and outside the Philippines). Meat transport vehicles are regulated as well. Meat establishment operators and owners are also encouraged to register their meat products.


Part of the program is the deterrence of illegally slaughtered meat and illegally sourced meat products both local and imported, which are being sold or distributed in the market or similar sites. This is done in collaboration with the Local Government Units and other government agencies through the conduct of intensified surveillance and strike activities on post-abattoir control operations.