What we do


The National Meat Inspection Service is a specialized regulatory agency in the Department of Agriculture that is the country’s sole national controlling and competent authority on all matters pertaining to meat inspection and hygiene both for locally produced and imported meat.  It was created under Presidential Decree No. 7 as National Meat Inspection Commission and renamed as National Meat Inspection Service under R.A. 9296, otherwise known as “The Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines,“ as amended by R.A. 10536. NMIS is tasked to formulate, promulgate and implement laws, policies, programs and projects governing the post- harvest flow of meat in order to protect the interest and welfare of consumers and promote the development of the livestock and meat industry.


Mission Statement

We shall protect the meat consuming public through efficient and effective meat inspection service by adopting and implementing relevant technologies to assurefood safety.
We shall support the development of livestock, poultry and meat industry to ensure adequate supply of safe and quality meat.

We shall continuously develop the capability of our human resources by engaging in competency building activities and providing opportunity for career growth.


Vision Statement

The NMIS is a dynamic regulatory agency with competent and dedicated human resource committed to sustain excellent meat inspection service that is responsive to consumer's welfare and to a globally competitive meat industry

Core Values : PITAG

      - Professionalism

      - Integrity

      - Team work

      - Accountability

      - God Centeredness


We the employees of the National Meat Inspection Service commit ourselves to ethical and professional standard in providing excellent meat inspection service to our valued local and international stakeholders. 

We work as a team of law abiding and hard working public servants with utmost integrity, transparency and competence placing public good above individual gains and promoting clients’ best interest.



To accomplish its mandates and roles, the agency has the following functions:


Plant Operation and Inspection

Responsible for the inspection and certification of meat and meat products and technical supervision of local government units (LGUs)


Accreditation and Registration

Responsible for the accreditation of meat establishments, rendering facilities, meat transport vehicles, meat establishment contractors, fabricators and suppliers; and third party service providers and registration and certification.


Enforcement and Food Defense

Responsible for the enforcement of policies against hot meat and adulterated or misbranded meat and meat products; and the protection of meat products from hazardous contaminants


Meat Import and Export Assistance

Evaluate foreign meat establishments intending to export to the Philippines, accredit meat importers and exporters, inspect imported and certify for export meat and meat products, and provide technical assistance to meat exporters and importers

Meat Science and Technology (MSTD)

Responsible for the technical training of veterinarians and meat inspectors on meat inspection, manages data on animal slaughter, provides technical assistance to the LGUs in the development of the LGUs meat control for inspection system, and develops safety and quality standards in consultation with the product standard setting agencies


Laboratory Services

Provide analytical services to detect contaminants in meat and meat products and data analysis


Consumer Information, Education and Assistance

Responsible in conducting programs to inform, educate and assist consumers on meat safety and quality, and manages consumer complaints


Engineering and Climate Change Division

Provide technical assistance on the construction of in-house and meat establishments, assists in the development of standards for slaughtering and processing equipment, utensils and other paraphernalia used in meat inspection, manages climate change programs