Job Vacancy


(12) Meat Control Officer II – SG 16


Qualification Standard:
    • Education    : Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    • Experience  : 1 yr of relevant experience;
    • Training        : 4 hrs of relevant training;
    • Eligibility      : RA 1080
    • CSC Resolution No 040946 dated August 23,2004


Duties and Responsibilities:
Under direction and supervision, perform ante and post mortem inspection and implement measures on meat hygiene and preservation in meat plants, retains suspects for further examination of condemned carcass, meat and other by product and ensure that these are safely stored either for denaturing or by-products rendering; calls the attentions of the Sr Meat Control Officer in cases where he observed factors which adversely affect the cleanliness of the meat and edible offal’s hygiene of production, efficiency of meat inspection and adequacy of meat preservations, inspect meat and meat markets butcher shops; and prepares and maintains appropriate reports; and does other related work as may be assigned from time to time.
  • Photocopy of the following documents are to be submitted together with the 

duly completed application form: 1) Transcript of records; 2) Diploma; 3) Certificate of Eligibility.

  • Previous applicants must submit a Letter of 

Intent and updated requirements. Deadline for submission is on or before OCTOBER 11, 2019

  • NMIS personnel who are next in rank to the vacant position need not to apply. However,

the Personal Data shall be updated and submitted to Personnel Officer.

Application form and documentary requirements must be mailed to THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OFFICER, NATIONAL MEAT INSPECTION SERVICE, #4, VISAYAS AVENUE, BRGY. VASRA, QUEZON CITY 1128 citing Reference Code. Qualified applicants to the shall be notified by email/SMS.

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