Consumer Information, Protection and Assistance Program



This is one of the support programs of the agency concerned with the consuming public’s information, education and assistance. The following subprograms further elaborate this program: Product Information and Consumer Aware-ness, Publications and Media Relations, Consumer Welfare and Assistance, Public Assistance and Customer Relations, and Information and Communications Technology.


The Product Information and Consumer Awareness Program is designed and conceptualized to inform and educate consumers about meat safety and quality, proper handling and buying of meat through seminars and orientation.


Furthermore, Publications and Media Relations Program make use of the mass media and print medium to convey messages and disseminate relevant information on meat safety and quality.   Tools used in this program are broadcast and TV, major newspaper clippings and the   production of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials.


Recognizing the importance of responding fairly and efficiently to customer complaints, the Consumer Welfare and Assistance Program established a redress and feedback mechanism which can be used by clients to seek remedy of their grievances.


In addition, the Public Assistance and Customer Relations Program provides NMIS clients an avenue where inquiries are addressed at the earliest possible time with the least burden on the part of the clients. Through the Public Assistance Center (PAC), NMIS clients are ensured that queries and inquiries are handled efficiently and effectively to their satisfaction. The center also serves as a one-stop-shop assistance center where clients can be assisted personally, through phone and even gain access to NMIS library.


Finally, the Information and Communications Technology Program seeks to develop and maintain all NMIS computer based information systems.




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