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Dr. Jocelyn A. Salvador, OIC Executive Director of the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), in a meeting held on February 9, 2021 at her office, stated that she wants to strengthen NMIS’ relationship with Local Government Units (LGUs).  She wanted the NMIS - Regional Technical Operation Centers (RTOCs)   to actively coordinate with the LGU’s food safety programs and activities as a way of elevating meat safety measures along the food chain.      



Director Salvador further said that devolving some of NMIS’ functions to LGUs, particularly meat inspection, as well as management and operation of slaughterhouses within their jurisdiction, will help improve food safety in the long run. She also disclosed that the NMIS is waiting for the approval of the amended Executive Order No. 137 on the implementation of the devolution of some functions of the NMIS as mandated by the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines. The Code mandates that some of the functions of the NMIS - RTOCs shall be devolved to the LGUs provided that their Meat Inspection Service System is certified by NMIS.


The Meat Standards Development and Consumer Protection Division was tasked to spearhead the drafting of the guidelines on the Certification of the LGUs’ Local Meat Inspection System as compliant with the   national standards set by the NMIS. The NMIS as committed to certify 33 highly urbanized cities until the end of 2021.


(SHIELA B. ENDRINA - Information Officer II)

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