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Training of Clinical Instructors in Meat Inspection

Eleven (11) Veterinarians from Central Office and Regional Technical Operations Centers (RTOCs) successfully completed the Training of Clinical Instructors (CIs) in Meat Inspection (1st Batch- Cattle) from February 26 to March 01, 2024, at Training Room A, MITDC Building, No. 4 Visayas Avenue, Vasra, Quezon City. The training aimed to nurture and harness the expertise and proficiency of participants, empowering them to be competent and effective Resource Speakers and Clinical Instructors of meat inspection—a vital role in ensuring food safety and quality. Through a comprehensive module, it will not only enhance their knowledge in meat inspection protocols and standards but also refine their communication and instructional skills by equipping them with the necessary tools and techniques.

NWM 2024

The training is very timely since most of the seasoned and expert Clinical Instructors of NMIS are no longer in service and some are nearing retirement and only few personnel (Meat Inspection Officer) are skilled, experienced, and adept in the field of actual slaughtering and specialized in meat inspection. Thus, this training was conducted to develop a roster/pool of resource speakers/person/trainors to improve their clinical teaching skills in meat inspection. This training is conducted and facilitated by the Meat Standards Development and Consumer Protection Division (MSDCPD) headed by Officer-in-Charge Dr. Ma. Theresa D. Magdaraog along with the esteemed and seasoned Clinical Instructors, Regional Technical Director of RTOC V, Dr. Alex B. Templonuevo.

Clinical Instructors 2024

Clinical Instructors 2024